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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Picture the day when you are walking down the aisle towards your fiance, smiling, maybe crying. So much love to give this person, so much happiness is racing through your heart. A million wonderful thoughts running through your mind as you say “I Do” to the start of a new beautiful journey with your best friend.

Now keep that amazing image with you over the next few months. Write it down, draw it out, recite it each morning to yourself as you make your way through the wedding planning process. This time should be an amazing and glorious experience for the both of you, nothing less than amazing!

Now let’s narrow down the areas of the planning that can continue the blissful vision and keep you stress free and away from any unnecessary dreaded happenings.

We’ve all heard those horror stories, but you my planner, will not have one of them!

The first thing to remember is you and your fiance are a team working towards the same outcome of being happily married. Work together (making memories along the way) to execute your wedding vision and all the expectations you have for the big day. Discuss each other’s ideas while remaining open minded, flexible and understanding to the other’s input. This is the going to be the first largest challenge you both experience as you compromise with each other.

Delegating tasks and projects are another way to alleviate any stress you may have. Realize that you are not alone. Call upon your wedding party, both sets of parents and close friends to see if there's something that they can assist you with. You will be happily surprised to find that your closest friends and family want to help you. They would love to be included in the planning and might feel extra special (VIP status!) if they can chip in, even just a little bit. Some examples that other couples are reaching out to others for an assist with, are: writing wedding invites, completing wedding favors, gathering photos, building card boxes, etc.

Hire a wedding coordinator for guidance on what to do next. Here at Weddings by Tanya Sue, we offer experienced and professional advice along with planning tools, like timelines, guest list tracking, checklists, etc. to help you go through the planning process seamlessly and with ease. If you are feeling the stress and are overwhelmed, reach out and we can set up an appointment ASAP! We do not want you to feel that way during what should be an amazing planning experience.

Word Dump. A great way to get everything out of your head. Word dump everything you are thinking about onto paper, sticky notes or a computer file. Don’t worry about the order at first, just get it all out. Now after you write down everything you can think of, organize it. Categorize items that can be done by specific people or a group of people. Any that you can hire out to complete for you instead? Are there items that stray too far away from your wedding vision that you can remove? Remain focused on your foundation that you and your fiance described with each other. What are your 5-7 main ideals? Once you have them organized into groups or people, set timelines for the tasks. Some do not need to be done now, don’t worry about them until later, focus on the now. Download your Free Wedding Timeline now to help you stay on track.

The main focus point is to keep your tasks, ideas, planning -EVERYTHING- within the grounds that you and your fiance put together. It is about you two and what you want … no one else! What is the most important to you and what can you live without? Sometimes when you have too many people giving their input and what ‘you should do’ ideas, it clogs your personal wants adding to your stress level. Let them know kindly that you appreciate the idea but you are going a different way. Heck, you can tell them it's a surprise too! Your entire wedding day can remain a surprise for everyone if you wish it to be. It’s you and your fiance’s day, make it happen! You have my permission to make it all about you two!

Reach out if there is any area you are finding stressful, we are here to help!

Happy planning!

xo ~ Tanya Sue

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