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With the guidance of a professional wedding planner, consultation meetings are designed to get you in the zone and focused on your true wedding vision as you plan your way down the altar.

You will connect 1:1 with WBTS owner, Tanya Sue to go over any questions and assistance you may be needing and seeking. Whether you are looking for clarity on a specific task or wanting that 'best-planner-friend' experience, WBTS offers packages that will fit all stages of the planning process.

Schedule your first appointment today and get down to planning business! As always, if there is something different you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out and ask, we are here to help!


Let's connect and get rockin'! I am ready and waiting to hear ALL about your wedding plans; where you are now and where you are looking to go. 1 hour may pass quickly, but rest assured we will finish that dreaded task you've been pushing off ... let's tackle it head-on together!


Want to get organized?

Need to make a plan of attack?

Looking for direction on what to do next?

I'm here for you!

We will use these three hours to meditate, map and move on your planning tasks. Single 1 hour calls, or customized to your schedule, let us know what works for you!


Five hours is the perfect choice if you are doing it all and want to start now! Receive guidance on the entire process to make sure all T's are crossed and I's are dotted.

You'll also receive a Custom Planning Timeline based on your wedding needs!

Consider WBTS your planning mentor.

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