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We all love to do things ourselves! Wedding planning isn't any different. I get that! I also want you to have the best day ever! So I wanted to share some tips & tricks that you can do while going through the planning process.

Just remember: you can reach out to me anytime for some extra help!

  1. Tackle your timeline one month, one week and one day at a time. Spread out the tasks and share them with your fiance to get them done. Grab our free Wedding Timeline to keep you on track!

  2. Your Vision + Your Wedding + Your Dreams + Your Love = THE BEST DAY EVER!

  3. Negotiate costs with vendors, don't be afraid to ask for booking incentives, look for ways to cut costs with your bar, guest list and extra add-ons.

  4. Allow for an extra 5-10% of your budget for possible surprise expenses. 👀

  5. Guest lists can be managed by having an adults only wedding, reserving plus-ones to specific guests and eliminating those that you haven't seen or spoken to in the last year. Tread lightly my friend! For more advice on how to handle your guest list read: Guest Who... ?

  6. Vendors are there for YOU! They need to work together and as a whole team unit.

  7. Are you crafty? Do you have a friend who is? Make your own one of a kind decorations. This not only cuts costs, but will be one-of-a-kind never seen before items as they are handmade!

  8. Consider the layout of your venue when seating your guests. Some many need to be closer to the bathroom, while others may appreciate being nearest the bar. (ie. be careful not to sit your older Aunt Gerdie next to the DJ speakers -especially if she also wears a hearing aid!)

  9. Include a map or driving directions in your invitations. These are great for those out-of-town guests who are unfamiliar with the location. They also LOVE knowing you gave more care to their specific invitation.

  10. When thinking of your theme or season, look into the most popular time of year. Do you want to set your date for a holiday weekend? Maybe you'd like to be different and have your big day on a Tuesday. Love the outdoors, but hate the cold? Take the time to discuss all the possible options when narrowing down your desired wedding date and time of season. This could also save costs depending on the day you book 😉

  11. Use your resources, but remember the foundation of this day is YOU and your FIANCE! Consider chatting with other married couples, family and friends. Knowledge is always powerful. Just make sure to stick to what's important to you, it's your day!

  12. Read every contract - ASK QUESTIONS - never just sign.


xo ~ Tanya Sue

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