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Ultimately your choice, mostly bias but highly recommended, I'd always suggest hiring some form of a wedding planner or at minimum, a wedding consultant to help you along the way. There are so many options when it comes to getting assistance for your wedding planning. Here are just a few that you can google search for right now!

1) Wedding Consultant

Wedding Consultants can range from services that specialize in specifics: contract review, vendor connection, planning timelines and 1:1 calls for planning guidance. This is great for the couple who needs just a bit of planning help along the way.

2) Partial Wedding Planners & Day-of Coordinator & Managers

If you are looking for someone to assist you partially or simply just on the day of the wedding and you've planned close to 90% of the wedding details up until then, this is your best bet! This person will take all your wedding details and have then executed on the big day. Their services range typically from tracking invites & RSVPs to designing the seating chart and layout of the venue. Planning services can start anywhere from 1-4 months prior to the wedding and last through the clean up on the day.

If you find this is you, Weddings by Tanya Sue can help! We provide both Partial Planning and Day-of Wedding Management with lots of planning services in between :) Connect with us to learn more about our services.

3) Full Wedding Planners & Designers

A full wedding planner is going to give you literally FULL wedding planning. From the day you say 'yes', hire this person immediately (if you are going this route). This person is best if your personal schedule doesn't allow you much time for planning. This planner will help with design, book vendors, send & track invitations and RSVPs, and all the small details in between. With the amount of hours and work put into this kind of planning, their costs can range higher BUT the amount of time you are saving is worth the costs in the end.

As I mentioned, these are only a few examples of the kind of planning service you can find that will assist your big day. Don't hesitate to look for exactly what you need!

xo ~Tanya Sue

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