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Hey there married-to-be!

I hope you and your fiance are doing amazing. Congratulations on your engagement! I'm sure the proposal was super cute and romantic (cue the gushing!)

I'm extremely excited that you are reading this right now. It's my very first installment of my planner points :)

I am going to be sharing tips, tricks and stories covering wedding planning, organization & maintaining planning control, along with various insights on experiences, vendors and how-tos.

My goal is by sharing these weekly blogs, you will be able to follow along, do and experience a more calm and WONDERFUL wedding planning process.

Married-to-be, as you go along this new journey with the love of your life, I want you (both!) to feel the whimsical love you felt the moment you said yes throughout the planning stages before the big day. The engagement part of your future together IS IN FACT A CLEAR step in the process and should not go unnoticed. Take advantage of these planner points and this time together to really enjoy it all.

...drum roll please...


Here is my very first Planner Point! I hope you enjoy these ;)


Take some time.

Time to reflect on your journey you two have had to this point.

  • Were there ups and downs?

  • Was it love at first sight?

  • How did you meet?

  • Who said 'I love you' first?

Before you begin the planning process, allow yourselves (both of you!) to reminisce. This is about the two of you, 100%!

What is your story?

I'd suggest writing all of your ideas and vision down on paper. Putting it into the universe will help bring it all to creation while keeping you on track of what the two of you truly want.

BONUS POINT: Keep these answers in mind when booking your vendors to make sure they share the same vision.

Describe your dream venue. What season is it? Are you indoors or outdoors? Is your ceremony and reception in the same location? Have you been to other weddings? Was there any decor or things that you recall not liking? Anything specific that you do not want for your day? Do you prefer a more casual setting or a black-tie affair? Do you have a budget and guest count in mind?

No matter your vision -it's true to you!- let it reflect the love you both share.

xo ~Tanya Sue

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