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Okay let's do a little recap ...

So far you've:

  • Listed out your wedding vision

  • Budgeted your limits

  • Created an estimated guest list

Now is time to think about your entourage, your gang, your go-to-crew. Those close AF folks that would ride or die -or party till the break of dawn! I'm sure it was one of the first things you thought about, those closest to you to walk down the aisle and lead the way before your grand entry.

You thought of where they would stand, what color they might wear, length of their dress or maybe pant suit. Before you get too deep and have 20+ besties standing up with you, here are some fun facts for why there is a 'wedding party'

  1. It was believed in Ancient Rome that the wedding party were there to protect the bride. Their dress would match that of the bride to blend her in. It is said the same dresses confused any evil spirits from trying to find the bride.

  2. You're entourage is there to calm your nerves as you are getting ready. Maybe a funny story or by adding a tad more splash of champagne in your mimosa ;) they should not be creating any unnecessary stress for your special day.

  3. They are who you can call upon for any wedding planning help (think of those pesky handwritten invites!)

When listing out who you'd like as your entrusted wedding party, ask yourself: would this person help out with my diy centerpiece project on a Saturday night? Will they bring fun and help calm any stress that I might get? Can they ward off any evil spirits that come my way? (or at least diverge my crazy great-aunt Marge from pinching my cheeks for the 100th time!)

Sometimes having a wedding party for the sake of a wedding party isn't as ideal than just having four close friends or simply walking alone. Go into your selection with justified and confident reasoning.

And if anyone asks why you didn't include your second cousin from your half-uncle's side, smile politely and explain how you have completed your interviewing process for evil spirit fighters and the position has been filled ;D

xo ~Tanya Sue

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