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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Let’s face the truth, this is a very different time we are living in. With COVID-19, our lifestyles are being asked to remain flexible and adjust in the areas that we can control. But what does that mean for your wedding planning?

Whether you are currently scheduled to say ‘I Do’ this year or you are starting to seek out potential vendors for a wedding in the next couple of years, don’t stop planning!

You heard that right!

Currently Scheduled?

If your wedding date is scheduled for 2020, there are options for you! Vendors want to keep your wedding date as planned just as much as you do. Most vendors are remaining flexible with working directly with their clients to provide the best possible options for your big day.

  • Reach out to them and review what those options might be.

  • Review your contracts, are there any stipulations around cancellations, postponements and refunds?

  • Are your vendors flexible with changing your wedding date and/or working with smaller guest counts, smaller event minimums or customizing your current wedding package to best fit the situation?

  • Maybe they would be willing to host a small ceremony now and a larger reception celebration later?

Its best to reach out as soon as you can to allow yourself time to go over all the details with them and your fiance.

Recently Engaged and Getting Married Next Year?

For those of you that are looking to plan and schedule your wedding for next year, now is the time for research and questions!

  • Connect with the vendors that you are potentially seeking to book.

  • Do they have virtual tours, samples and package details that they can email you?

  • Can they do over the phone appointments to review those details?

  • Would they be able to send you a copy of the contract to look over before booking them?

Ask questions. If there is something in the contract or package you don’t understand or would like to add in, ask! If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Just remember you are vetting to hire them, not the other way around. Since you are not locked in with them yet, you have more time to make sure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted before you sign your contracts.

No matter what phase of the wedding planning process you are in, take this time to work on details elsewhere for your big day. Like discussing and finalizing your decoration ideas. Can you make any of them by hand? Maybe you have the time now to create your own centerpieces. This could also save you money later if self-made instead of bought. Do you have wedding favors or place cards to put together? Grab some wine (or your favorite beverage!) and your fiance, throw on some tunes and get them done!

The bottom line is that you are marrying your person, your best friend, the love of your life! It might not be the ideal situation you planned, but MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Your reaction now will decipher the remainder of your experience and the story you tell years to come.

xo ~ Tanya Sue

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