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This week it's money, honey! Keep reading to find three ways to tackle your wedding budget!

(pst...I couldn't stop at just're welcome!)


POINT 1: Balance Minimum There are vendors that may charge a minimum for the event and their services. If this is the case, the only thing you will need to worry about is reaching that minimum amount required for that vendor, while being able to customize into that total amount.

Bonus Point: Ask the vendors if their minimums are before taxes and fees or after. This will make a huge impact to your total balance. POINT 2: Per Person Pricing Take your total estimated max budget and divide it by your estimated guest count. Think of this number as your max 'per person' price. Some items to remember to include into the per person pricing would be food, beverage, venue, favors & desserts for example. POINT 3: Breakdown Allocation If you are still a bit lost on the budget and wondering how much you should spend in all areas, try creating a percentage breakdown. You can also use the Breakdown Allocation style and adjust how much you prefer to spend for each area as you go.

(note: the largest costs are typically food & beverage)

I hope you are enjoying these planner points. Thanks for reading my second one! I'm looking forward to many more and hope that the will help you along the way.


xo ~Tanya Sue

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