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VIPs, RSVPs and Plus 1s

This can certainly be tricky to navigate through. Both sides to your family and friends are all just as excited for your wedding as you are. I've come up with 3 easy steps to help you laser focus your guest list! In the end you will know the friends and family you are sending invitations out to are the perfect match for you and your fiancé to celebrate your special day with. Step #1: Write down ALL names. Do this as if your guest count had no limits and you could invite all that you wish. Step #2: Remove those that may fall into these categories -Distant family relatives you haven't spoke to in a while -Friends from school that you only see on social media -Work friends that you don't hangout with outside of work Step #3: Keep track of who is who (ie VIP, RSVP or +1)

  • VIPs are going to be your immediate family and closest relatives and friends.

  • RSVPs are going to be your other family and friends invited (minus the plus ones)

  • Plus Ones are going to be any extra 'date' that may come with a close friend or family member that isn't married yet.

Bonus Point #1: Remember, this list is based on what you believe to be your VIPs, RSVPs and +1s. Who is closest to YOU? A Friend could be so close to you, they are your sister or brother. It's okay to list them as a VIP for that reason.

Bonus Point #2: Create a column (excel spreadsheet are made for this job!) that allows you to enter their meal choice OR any dietary restrictions. You will need to provide these to your caterer later on.

This final list will be who you mail your invitations out to. This is your 'estimated guest list' that you can tell to any vendors who may ask. Typically, an average of 20% of this estimated guest list will respond that they are coming.

I'd love to hear feedback on your guest lists. Was this three step process helpful? Or do you have other ways of narrowing down your guest list? Maybe you have some questions for me ... I'd love to hear it all!

xo ~ Tanya Sue

P.S. These categories will help you when it comes time for the seating chart and table layout to know where to seat them.

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