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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Planning a wedding while dealing with family and friends “suggestions”, “recommendations” and “input” on what they “think you should do” is super challenging. This is when your calm, level headed, organized AF skills come into play! You - Got - This!

Fact #1: IT’S YOUR WEDDING. Nuf said! Yes, you should certainly take into account things like food allergies, or if the venue is handicap accessible, or if your guests might be cold. Those would be questions you already handled before booking your venue. But when it comes to wedding colors, dress code, entree choices, seating charts - these are you and your fiance’s decisions alone. What does your wedding vision look like?

Fact #2: TOO MANY HENS IN THE HOUSE. At times, when you collaborate with multiple people for decisions, it actually ends up creating more confusion and stress for yourself. Everyone is different in what they think is correct and they have their own reasons behind why. When there are too many ideas, it completely throws you off. I get it! You want to please everyone. You want everyone to enjoy the day as much as you will. But when you try to please others, you end up forgetting the most important person: YOU.

Fact #3: YOU CAN DECLINE HELP. Be honest with yourself. Are those flowers what you see holding as you walk down the aisle? Is that hair style going to work with the veil you picked out specifically? Don’t get caught up in guilt if you say, “no, those are nice, but I am leaning more towards this.” It will be okay if you say no. Most times, that person who “suggested” ends up realizing what you choose works better anyways!

All facts considered, the main goal is for you to be married. For you to be stress free. For you to experience the most amazing day. For you to walk down the aisle, say “I Do” and spend the rest of your life with the greatest person you could ask for. Don’t get hung up on any shoulda, coulda, woulda’s because either way, the important part of all of this is marrying your best friend.

xo ~ Tanya

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